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Wood Textures

Cool textures are a simple way to add color to a website or graphic project. Neutral background looks boring and does not reflect the essence of your project. But the thematic backdrop, skillfully selected, will say without words that can be found on the pages of this resource. Wood texture patterns appeal to almost everyone, especially if the picture quality is good. There is in them the reliability of the classics, which will never become morally obsolete.

There are many variations on the site: from imitation of logs to simple wood of all sorts of varieties, in the spirit of “samples from a building materials store”. Design project will sparkle with new colors!

Wood texture backgrounds are basically what you would call a sort of impersonation of wood. There are different varieties of wood, and mostly, the texture backdrops impersonate the wood finishing, and maybe not the actual tree itself. Some examples include walnut, mahogany, oak tree, bamboo strips, ash, beech, teak, maple, cedar, pine, cypress, spruce, fir, redwood, and cherry. You have most probably seen wood finishing all around you, in buildings, furniture like desks, tables, cabinets, chairs, church pews, etc. Finishing means wood that has been cut and smoothened to give it a fine finish.

Applications Of Wood Textures

Wood textures can be used in many settings. They are perfect in a study to give it that book-y feeling, or in an office too. Places like libraries too, to go along with the wooden shelves and tables. Certain types of wood textures are also pretty applicable in specific settings, for example bamboo in yoga rooms, or fitness and wellness centers really works to bring a sort of calming effect on someone. In conservations, animal shelters and orphanages, veterinary offices and the like, they are also suitable, and give the place a sort of forest vibe. In dorm rooms and sleeping quarters too. You can also apply wood texture backgrounds to homes, in the kitchen for example, and the pots and pans will look great against it. If you consider your doors a bit drab, you could give them a bit of life by covering them with a wood texture pattern. The same goes for window sills, chairs, tables and other types of furniture too.

Effect Of Wood Textures On a Person Psychology And Mood.

As earlier mentioned, you can use the wood texture background in yoga and wellness centers. This is because wood patterns are known to have a sort of calming effect on a person, since the make you feel closer to nature. They make a room much more breathable. In some hospital settings, especially waiting rooms, you will find wood patterns on the walls as a background, for the same effect, calming and reducing anxiety. They are used in animal shelters and game park receptions to show a oneness with nature, and in offices and libraries since they are not too bold or shouting.

Why You Should Buy Wood Textures And Backgrounds

Well, apart from the fact that they add that calming effect to any space they are applied in, wood textures also give off an antique sort of vibe, the kind you would get when you visit a sea food restaurant, which they can also be applied in, to make the guest feel as though they are in a ship, or boat, which serves to heighten their experience. Wood textures come closest to nature, and to really get that feeling, you can get a wood pattern backdrop with leaves and branches in it too, and this would be such a nice fit for an office reception, or a plants shop even!

Vector Illustration Wood Textures

Check our Wood Textures category for a variety of wood texture backgrounds and patterns, you will find many different varieties that you can apply to different settings.

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