The background of natural texture is useful in almost any situation when making. A high-quality photo of the logs, frozen fallen leaves, sand or stone are suitable as textures for the backdrop of an information site, an entertainment portal, advertising building materials and travel agency services … There are many spheres for using textures with nature patterns! Nature textures is our main direction.

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12 months ago

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1 year ago
Tom Medison

The matte wood background textures look beautiful and original. I used them in the summer gazebo as wallpaper, let summer not be so hot when you look at such wallpapers. Recommend.

1 year ago
Alex Miller

The surfaces of the ice lake are exactly the textures that were very useful for me to create a design project for a photo studio. Perfectly pronounced tones, depth of transitions and a good game of color and shadow. The black and white background strictly and discreetly conveys all the moods and perfectly fits into the structure of the room. In general, I am happy with everything, for fans of experiments I definitely recommend it

1 year ago
Tom Medison

For a long time in my work I was looking for material for organizing a photo exhibition. And when I got to know the snow surface texture background in different styles, I realized that this is what I need. These backgrounds served as the basis for posting photos and posters, it all looks complex original, beautiful and very durable. And wallpaper in the kitchen, regardless of the type of snow
simply gorgeous and unrepeatable. Modern background compositions have a different range of applications, it all depends on our imagination. And their price is not at all expensive. Recommend.

1 year ago
Tom Medison

The background textures of seamless wooden wall logs are striking in their beauty and originality. Their use is simply limitless. They showed themselves very well in the hallway instead of wallpaper, I also used them in the wine room, the view is simply excellent. Each person has his own taste and you can use them by including your imagination.

1 year ago
Tolai Medveev

The background textures with the topography of the hills look original and find their application as you wish. I used them in the wine room. The view is simply wonderful, I plan to use it to cover the coffee table and other furniture in the kitchen.

2 years ago
Anastasia Korina

Perfect for us a new product always delivers positive emotions, but good color and texture can cause admiration for it

2 years ago
John Falcone

I am engaged in web design and recently I didn’t have an interesting site in the marine theme. I always try to take the texture from this site Foam and sea are very beatiful for me. They have very interesting and varied textures, a large selection.For a symbolic price, I received a package of fresh modern textures with high-resolution files: 6000 x 4000 pixels, as well as the original tone photo color set. The site turned out to be very original with an interesting design in soothing colors. I was satisfied, thank you for the great selection.

2 years ago
Vasia Pavlov

The image of high-quality sunny daytime sea waves of foam on the shore is distinguished by vivid colors and realism of the image. I applied these images for the fireplace room and it turned out to be extraordinarily beautiful. Water and fire combined, which is very symbolic and beautiful, because these are two antagonisms that accompany a person throughout his life. And the use of these structures depends only on your fantasia. Go for it and you will succeed.

2 years ago

I express my respect to the author of sand textures. The highest quality of elaboration of each of them. Thanks to them, I was able to make more than a hundred people (my customers) satisfied. Mostly used to create covers and backgrounds. Nice colors, everyone really likes them. Plus, for such a relatively low price, there is hardly anything better to be found. Thank you very much for the product provided.