17 Wooden Board Textures

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17 different rough weathered & neat flat macro wooden board surfaces. 17 natural wood pattern backgrounds.

17 Wooden Board Surface Textures & Backgrounds

Fantastic backgrounds for new art works. 17 different rough weathered & neat flat macro wooden board surfaces. 17 natural wood pattern backgrounds. Perfect for use as background textures for urban style posters, flyers, postcards, youth advertising, software applications, website background or colourful grunge wallpaper.

Blue painted wood texture. Weathered paint wooden board. Natural wood structure background.

What You Get

17 Wooden Board Textures & Backgrounds Images.
Fresh Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 4000 Pixels.


❀ Help file with image color tuning advices are included.

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2 reviews for 17 Wooden Board Textures

  1. Nelly

    Our company is engaged in web design and therefore the use of various textures finds great application in us. After all, it’s very convenient, and sometimes the only option to make the background embossed is the use of universal “materials”, which are textures. You can experiment with them endlessly to find for yourself the most suitable embodiment of the idea. The largest number of textures is available at http://textures.world/. We have chosen for the future site of our customer 17 natural wood backgrounds that are perfect for the site. It was the use of these textures in the project that allowed us to achieve high results, since they are interesting and useful elements that allow the page to look more impressive and attractive. Thanks to this unusual design, our customers have increased the number of customers.

  2. Anna

    Creating ads is not a simple matter. Each creator understands that the search for unusual colors is an integral part of the work. Having acquired backgrounds from natural wood, my hobby has become original and amazing, especially with a blue wood texture with a rope. Captures the talent of shooting and creativity in the work on the invention of the background. Other proposed options can be applied in a wide variety of art forms. The developer did an extremely rare and painstaking work to create such a masterpiece. Thank you for your modernity and recommend everyone to show their abilities and their skills, using wooden backgrounds!

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