Our fabric surface textures will appeal to everyone! They look cozy and really beckon to study the drawing more closely. In the catalog – samples of patterns of several shades and various ornaments. Everything is in excellent resolution, so it will be convenient to scale and work in a vector application. For lovers of needlework and for all who are engaged in commercial hand-made know that the fabric backdrops are indispensable for decorating.

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5 months ago

Now I am working on creating a new youth clothing collection and these textures are exactly what was not enough for the productive implementation of my ideas. The textures are well defined, and the lack of seams makes the work a pleasure. Now there are already a few finished products and the customer appreciated the quality of the work performed. All in all, it's a good tool with which to create amazing designs. Each picture is well rendered and has a high resolution, which is exactly what you need for graphic effects. Thanks to the developers for such a good product and low cost. My estimate is definitely maximum

5 months ago

The most perfect solution for creating website designs for artwork in different styles. These textures convey the full color and background depth of each page you create. A good selection of colors, contrast allows you to use all your artistic potential. This is what was missing for my work and now it has become much easier and more convenient to create backgrounds.

5 months ago
Tom Medison

Chevron geometric background textures have a great future in use, especially in the background for organizing various photo exhibitions and works of wood craftsmen. They are bright and original in their colors, which makes them unique. I used them for wallpaper in a summer attic, it turned out extremely beautiful. Recommend.

6 months ago

For me, as a woolen designer, these textures simply became irreplaceable! They look amazing for my new collection. If you approach with imagination, then you can create the perfect projects. Nowadays there is a very relevant trend of extraordinary design, using some of the presented backgrounds it began to turn out to be a very promising direction. I'm sure this is just the beginning, but in the future I will work on the website page of the online store and I will definitely use such textures in the design. I am glad that they are not expensive and at the same time with high resolution, which ensures maximum realism of the image.

6 months ago
James Nic

I chose these backgrounds to create custom business cards, flyers, and advertising posters. High-resolution backgrounds are high-quality, so there is no noise or graininess. This is the perfect background for my goals, I am happy with the choice and grateful to this site for the excellent offer. Profitable investment for excellent quality. Thank you, we will cooperate as often as possible.

6 months ago
Tom Medison

Unusually beautiful and original in use seamless woolen knitted cotton backgrounds allow you to decorate any room. The original color scheme is simply mesmerizing with its beauty. Personally, I used them for the bedroom wallpaper. Warm and calm colors look very good in combination with any furniture. And photos and paintings on this background look completely new and more accessible for viewing. I recommend.

9 months ago

Thank you for these awesome textures. They make my eyes happier. I`ve bought 20 Scottish Tartan backgrounds for my work and i am so glad. They really look very nice and attractive. Recommend.

10 months ago

Wow! I really like. I'm glad I found this photo. This is very сrеаtivе! Very stylish texture photo for the background. Stylish and creative! I love jeans. Denim is always in fashion! Thank!

11 months ago

I have already chose textures on this site several times. There is always a great variety and quality guarantee of background textures. So far, this is the best site for me. Prices here are normal. Good value price and money.

12 months ago

Very original use suit textile textures. Really perfect background. I'm thrilled how cool it looks on a postcard and on website background. Creative idea! Stylishly and modern! I like this style!