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Textures and Background Store Street ShowcaseHello novice constructors and experienced designers. If you are ready to create new creative works and looking for high-quality textures or backgrounds, you have come to the right place. Textures.World was made for independent artists and design studios to sell unique graphic packages at a good price. Use menu or search bar to find backdrops what you need. After that we also recommend to look at the articles section for make your creativity much better.

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2 days ago
Sem Djonson

For fans of abstraction and a new innovative approach to creating a creative style, this is exactly what you need. I was pleased with the price, now I use it to create thematic forums and websites.

3 days ago

This is exactly what I have been looking for for so long and now I have acquired it! I work as an interior designer and these textures are ideal for creating a unique and non-repeatable style in any room. These rough textures can be combined with each other or used separately, but in any case, you will get something incredible and innovative. The creativity and uniqueness of each designer can turn into a real work of art. I like that the color scheme is made in neutral tones. This makes it possible to use it in the interior of a bedroom or living room. Although you can find application in many rooms and from the outside

3 days ago

Just perfectly matched colors and shades. To create a design for gift wrapping or greeting cards is the most suitable option. You can also use these textures for decorating holiday rooms and greeting posters

5 days ago

The perfect combination of seamless textures and color balance can be used as a winning combination for the design of rooms with a small area. Due to the perfect smoothness and neutral color, you can visually give a small room or kitchen more space. I have already managed to implement two of my projects and they were successful with the customer. The main thing is to successfully combine the colors and everything will look amazing

5 days ago

This is what was missing for creating projects for exterior decoration of premises and facades, these textures just seem to be invented for me.

7 days ago
Vova Yakovlev

Background images with DNA codes are made in the original style, and are unique in perception, look just fine if they are cleverly placed. In our office, I placed them instead of wallpaper in the meeting room, it is created feeling of immensity of space, and all this thanks to the original color scheme of the background image. I recommend.

7 days ago

The combination of saturation of colors and textures is exactly what I most often use when creating layouts for advertising products. Now I'm working on creating an advertising project for street use and these backgrounds are perfect. The texture without seams will look perfect on a poster or banner. In General, this is a boundless embodiment of design ideas

7 days ago

A very creative and bold selection of textures. I've been looking for something like this for a long time, I didn't even think that I would find everything in such quantity. The palette looks very realistic, and it opens up a lot of options for use in a wide range of areas. Excellent drawing of small details and displaying all the smallest cracks and irregularities. The color scheme is also quite rich and is ideal for interior design and advertising materials

1 week ago

To develop the design of advertising sites, this is exactly what you need. The non-forced and abstract texture is perfect for any type of user. It is easy to perceive and does not carry a large emotional load for the perception of the material that is placed on the advertising platform. It is easy to combine with other backgrounds and textures. The amount provided is quite enough for the flight of my imagination