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Textures and Background Store Street ShowcaseHello novice constructors and experienced designers. If you are ready to create new creative works and looking for high-quality textures or backgrounds, you have come to the right place. Textures.World was made for independent artists and design studios to sell unique graphic packages at a good price. Use menu or search bar to find backdrops what you need. After that we also recommend to look at the articles section for make your creativity much better.

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7 hours ago
Cergei Voloskov

I used textures in my design works! Customers rated these projects positively! The quality of the backgrounds is excellent!

8 hours ago
Tolai Medvedev

Cedar wood textures are striking in their beauty and originality. Their use is simply limitless. They showed themselves very well in the kitchen instead of wallpaper. Each person has his own taste and you can use them by including your imagination. Recommend.

8 hours ago
Vova Yakovlev

For a long time in my work I have been looking for material for arranging a photo exhibition. And when I got acquainted with the background texture of art paper in different styles, I realized that this is what I need. These backgrounds served as the basis for posting photos and all this looks like a complex original, beautiful and very long-term in use . Modern background compositions have a different spectrum of application, it all depends on our imagination. And their price is not at all expensive. Recommend.

11 hours ago

Now I am working on creating a new youth clothing collection and these textures are exactly what was not enough for the productive implementation of my ideas. The textures are well defined, and the lack of seams makes the work a pleasure. Now there are already a few finished products and the customer appreciated the quality of the work performed. All in all, it's a good tool with which to create amazing designs. Each picture is well rendered and has a high resolution, which is exactly what you need for graphic effects. Thanks to the developers for such a good product and low cost. My estimate is definitely maximum

1 day ago
Tom Medison

Cross-weave background textures are now popular in many countries for their originality and wide range of applications. I used this background texture as wallpaper in the hallway. It turned out just fine, the drawing looks far into the depth and has a calming effect. It seems that the room has increased in size, it has become much more comfortable, it turned out stylishly and modern. Recommend.

3 days ago

I wanted to do something unusual for Halloween, so I decided to make postcards. Postcards with pumpkins somehow got tired, so I started looking for high-quality and beautiful prints. I found the data, they looked like skeletons and I purchased them, put the text in photoshop and printed it out. It turned out very cool, I like everything from the colors (I love the monochrome combination) to the format. My friends liked it, they even asked me where I bought these cool cards. They were surprised when I said I made them myself. Backgrounds of course cool came out. I want to try something else from the series of this author. Awesome.

3 days ago

I really liked these backgrounds, I'm developing a game, a novel with a story from the face of a cute girl and there she gets into dreams. I presented an approximate background for each level, and now I found it on the Internet and bought these backgrounds. Bright, colorful, but quite calm, if you look at them from the other side. The price is attractive, the quality is awesome.

3 days ago
Tolai Medvedev

Backgrounds with a soft gradient texture are beautiful and original in their performance. The range of their application is very extensive. I use them for backdrops of photographs of works at exhibitions. It turns out bright and beautiful. Recommend.

3 days ago
Vova Yakovlev

Background images with an agate background texture have a number of advantages, such as originality, beauty and realism. If you show your imagination, then this image can be applied in different ways, for example, as I pasted these images on a coffee table, and on the lower doors of the kitchen unit, it turned out stylishly and in a modern way. And the fridge compartment in this background image looks absolutely amazing. Show your imagination, and you will not regret, and the choice is very large.

5 days ago
Anastasia Korina

Perfect for us a new product always delivers positive emotions, but good color and texture can cause admiration for it