All images are divided into raster and vector. In the first case we are talking about such images that do not have clear and separated areas. They look like halftones, with smooth color gradations. In the second case, these are images consisting of areas separated by lines. However, a non-specialist can hardly distinguish one from the other.

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1 year ago
Tom Medison

For a long time in my work I was looking for material for organizing a photo exhibition. And when I got to know the background texture Egyptian patterns, I realized that this is what I need. These backgrounds served as the basis for posting photos and it all looks complex original, beautiful and very durable. Modern background compositions have a different range of applications, it all depends on our imagination. And their price is not at all expensive. I recommend.

2 years ago

For the costume, I wanted to use a beautiful but simple drawing or a mix of drawings. I wanted to create a collection of dresses with a wooden pattern that would emphasize the elegant waist. I bought this pack of beautiful and high-quality images, then reprinted them on the fabric. It turned out great! I want to wear a dress made of this fabric always. This drawing is both simple and stunning!

2 years ago
Jack Bosh

I was looking for a cover for my book and accidentally came to this site. To be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised. Here I found what I really need. This is a wooden cover for my book. I didn't think this cover would look very cool. I really liked it. I will always buy book covers from this site. I couldn't find a better wood floor. Many thanks to this site. I am very sorry that I did not know about this site before.

2 years ago
Anastasia Korina

Good for typographic covers, illustrations or overlays on any image to add an extra subtle effect.
they are used in new improvisations of a masterpiece of design. Textures with drawing - a bright and attractive look. Due to their "abstractness", they will perfectly fit into the visualization of almost any design project, except for strict and classic.

2 years ago
Сергей Орловский

I ordered a package of textures from natural bricks. The quality of the original style is what I need to work! The cost of the goods suits me completely. A great way to enhance your illustrations. I consider these backgrounds to be one of the suitable and original additions to give the work an unusual image effect! I get it all the time and recommend it to everyone!

2 years ago

I loved this job so much! I purchased a pack of textured photos for my presentation. Perfect detailing, everything is very beautiful and high quality.
My presentation received the best possible design :) I am very grateful to the author, I am his fan! I will keep an eye on new works. Without a doubt, I can recommend the product for purchase. This is a real masterpiece!

2 years ago
Vova Yakovlev

The background textures of natural asphalt and the road are very popular. I used this background texture as wallpaper in my garage and applied it in some combination with other textures. It turned out just fine, the drawing looks far into the depth
and creates the illusion of infinity, and this has a calming effect. The textures are made very high quality, and their application depends only on the imagination of each person .. Recommend.

2 years ago
Софа Резник

A natural canvas texture overlay background image has several advantages, such as originality and realism. If you show your imagination, then this image can be applied in different ways, for example, as I pasted these images on a coffee table, and made a background for wall photographs, it turned out stylishly and original. And the fridge compartment in this background image looks absolutely amazing. Show your imagination, and you will not regret, and the choice is very large.

2 years ago
Daniel Fox

I ordered a plait in 20 different patterns. I made out the product on the website. The site interface is clear and convenient.Delivery to my city came pretty quickly, too. I examined it and found no defects. The product is made of high quality and with a pleasant material. I immediately started experimenting with them. I really liked Overlays. I recommend everyone to order. You won't regret it!

2 years ago

I think snake leather is one of those fashion details which will never go out of style. It can be implemented almost everywhere and it will look different every time if you want to create something really unique. These 20 Snake Leather Texture Overlays look awesome. I like detailed patterns that give a subtle effect to the surface. As an illustrator, I find it inspiring. Great job.