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We started in 2015. I changed career from web developer to professional stock photographer. At first, it was not easy to get acquainted with the market and understand the needs of the consumer. But over time and with painstaking work, the skill came and the work began to turn out really professional, competitive and aesthetically attractive. The work turned into a hobby, and sometimes even into a paranoid aspiration of a maniac, I went and photographed the textures of asphalt, rusty garage doors, brick walls of fences, despite the surprised and questioning grimace of passers-by. In parallel, I created artificial, professional, seamless wide-scale textures generated in special software.

Carefully studied the market and tried to create rare works, so as not to compete in popular directions. When I found a consumer for textures, backgrounds, and stock photography, I began to package images of the same type into packages, created stores on popular marketplaces, and began to sell at a good price. When 1 photo cost $9, I was selling a pack of 20 photos of this subject for 6. I created a huge pile of content that has not been completely sorted out to this day. So I will not waste time, but will begin to put the raw material in order in a suitable presentation for the possibility of being found by the consumer. So, through trial and error, with labor and experience honed over the years, our company was created. The Company already has more than 250 texture packs, all of them are of excellent quality, well-stocked and waiting for their consumer. Our main task is to create a product that meets all the needs of the consumer and is useful, modern and competitive for an ordinary designer or design studio.

“Photography, texture, its color has the ability to influence the human psyche and evoke positive or negative emotions. So the color and texture pattern applied to the object is quite capable of influencing the health of the owner, periodically falling into the field of vision and causing emotions.” 🌴

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High Resolution

Wide images dimension

Each texture pack was created with technological progress in mind and the images are always just huge, suitable even for billboard advertising.


Multiplicity of choice

Wide range of colors. It’s hard not to find the right one as we try to match the trending colors and create a texture pack suitable for all designers.

Good price

Suitable items cost

The low cost of the texture package is a good competitive ability and a guarantee of successful sales, so we are not greedy and try to please the buyer more.


We have stores open in all the most famous and largest online graphics marketplaces. If you have accounts in these marketplaces and like to buy graphics from familiar sites that you trust, then you can easily find our texture and background packs by their names through the search. But it is better to do it through our website, as we make huge discounts that do not apply to stores of large marketplaces.


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3 years ago


Wood textures are a great way to refine your illustrations. I consider these backgrounds one with suitable and original additions to give the work an unusual image effect! I get it all the time and recommend it to everyone!

4 years ago
Natali Rouse

Natali Rouse

Good afternoon, I want to leave a positive review about 10 smooth concrete textures. For a long time I was looking for new backgrounds for my work. I wanted something new. Art is like a fresh breath of air in our daily routine of life. I accidentally stumbled on the site http://textures.world/stone/10-smooth-concrete-textures/ on social networks. The cost interested me. all 10 structures are unusual in their own way, they should be viewed from different angles. The colors are correctly chosen, not annoying. The combination of gray, smoky, pink, blue always looks advantageous. I am pleased with the result.

4 years ago
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