20 Cosmos Backgrounds

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Embark on an extraordinary journey into the boundless realm of space with our breathtaking collection of cosmos backgrounds. These ethereal images transport you to distant galaxies, celestial nebulas, and shimmering star clusters.




8000×4000 Px


20 Pcs




300 Dpi

Introducing the 20 Cosmos Backgrounds – a stunning set of cosmic night sky star backgrounds that will transport you to the depths of space. This collection features a variety of color tones, ranging from calm blues to fierce red purples, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a serene and peaceful backdrop or a more vibrant and intense setting, this set has it all.

20 Cosmos Backgrounds 100% Zoom Preview
20 Cosmos Backgrounds 100% Zoom Preview

One of the standout features of this collection is the use of a proline mesh design in half of the backgrounds. This unique design adds a touch of sophistication and complexity to the overall look, making it perfect for game projects or space illustrations. The combination of the cosmic night sky and the checkered mesh creates a mesmerizing effect that will surely catch the eye of anyone who sees it.


  • High Quality
  • Seamless Transition
  • Dimension: 8000×4000 px, 111×55 inches
  • Resolution: 300 Dpi
  • Extension: Jpg
  • Quantity: 20 images

What Inside

  • Zip archive with 20 ready-to-use quarters geometric backgrounds. 50-Quarter-Geometric-Backgrounds.zip ( Size: 226 Mb )
  • Help file with image color correction advice.

~ Thank you & Enjoy using ~


Download Quarters Geometric Backgrounds Samples

Samples dimension: 1440 x 720 pixels, 15 x 7.5 inches. ( Original dimension: 8000 x 4000 pixels, 111 x 55 inches )

To download the texture sample file, select the image you like. Click right button on the mouse, click “Save Image As” in the drop down menu and choose a save location. Free samples can be downloaded for personal use only , for commercial use please purchase the appropriate license.

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File Meta

Title: 20 Cosmos Backgrounds
File Name: 20-Cosmos-Backgrounds.zip
Size: 444 Mb
Dimension: 8000 x 4000 Px, 111 x 55 Inches
Resolution: 300 Dpi
Extention: Jpeg
Quantity: 20 pcs


The vastness of the cosmos has always been a source of mystery and wonder for humanity. With its endless expanse and countless stars, the night sky has captivated our imaginations for centuries. Now, thanks to modern technology and artistry, we can bring the beauty of the cosmic night sky right to our screens with a stunning set of 20 cosmos backgrounds.

This collection features a variety of cosmic night sky backgrounds in different color tones, each one showcasing the breathtaking beauty of the stars and galaxies. From calm and serene blues to fierce reds and purples peeking out from behind clouds, these backgrounds offer a wide range of options for any project. There are also pure blues and even violet designs, mimicking the colors we see in the depths of the universe.

One of the standout features of this set is the use of a proline mesh in the designs. This checkered mesh adds a unique and modern touch to the backgrounds, making them perfect for game projects or space illustrations. It adds depth and texture to the already stunning images, creating a sense of movement and immersion.

Each background in this collection is carefully crafted with high-quality images, resulting in a realistic and simple design. This combination is perfect for catching the attention of ordinary people and satisfying the interest of professionals. Whether you are using these backgrounds for personal projects or commercial use, they are sure to make a lasting impact.

The possibilities for using these cosmic backgrounds are endless. They can be used as backdrops for websites, desktop wallpapers, or even as elements in graphic design projects. They are also perfect for video and animation projects, adding a touch of otherworldly beauty to any production.

The concept of space and the cosmos has always been a popular theme in art and design. With these backgrounds, you can easily create a sense of wonder and awe in your audience. The night sky has a way of captivating us and reminding us of how small we are in the grand scheme of things. These backgrounds allow us to bring that feeling to life and share it with others.

In conclusion, this set of 20 cosmos backgrounds is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of the universe’s beauty to their projects. With its stunning color tones, use of a proline mesh, and high-quality design, it is sure to impress and inspire. So whether you are a designer, artist, or simply a lover of the cosmos, these backgrounds are a perfect addition to your collection. Let the beauty of the night sky transport you to the endless possibilities of the universe.

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    I decided to order cosmos backgrounds for my studio. The order arrived on time without any delays. Cosmos backgrounds decorated my studio very well and creatively. Now everything looks very unusual and original. Now I am sure that no one else has such a beautiful studio. Thank you very much for the high-quality cosmos backgrounds. I’ll also order the same one for home. I love

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