20 Brushed Metal Background Textures

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20 high-quality seamless tiling brushed metal background texture jpeg files. 20 long generated images with shiny polished metal surfaces and detailed metallic textures.

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20 Seamless brushed metal background textures

Brushed Metal is a built-in graphical user interface used in Apple Computer. In addition to the metallic appearance, the brushed metal contains some contrasts of other types of Aqua. Brushed metal backgrounds can be moved by clicking anywhere in the window frame that is not occupied by a control; Aqua windows can only be moved by clicking inside the title bar.

As part of the development of patterns that are not compatible with Aqua and that Apple provides, Apple has also offered a Pro feature that is used to produce video, music, advanced images and change schedules. The brushed metal was replaced as a gradual base in a darker Aqua style, called Brushed Metal. The shiny metal was verified by users of the user interface, who argued that Apple often harmed its guidelines for using the brushed metal look.

Aluminum shiny polished seamless sheet textures. Stainless brushed metal background material.

Real life application brushed metal

Metal can be finished using a variety of brushed metal textures. When talking about brushed metal and ordinary metal, these two finishes share a lot in practice, and many customers use the terms as synonyms. That led to a lot of confusion when deciding the end. We must observe the similarities, contrasts, advantages, and disadvantages in the selection of brushed metals against ordinary metals.

What You Get

20 Highest Quality Seamless Brushed Metal Background Jpeg Files. Fresh Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files ( 8000 x 4000 Pixels ).

Fantastic backdrops for your digital art work. 20 high-quality seamless tiling brushed metal background texture jpeg files. 20 long generated images with shiny polished metal surfaces and detailed metallic textures.

Normal metal finish

There are divergent opinions on what seems a natural end to the metal. For some, the natural color is the same color. For others, it is a transparent, ice cream look. Natural finishes can be obtained with a mineral brushing or can be scratched with sandpaper or other abrasives instead of the metal brush. The brushing method results in a long stroke pattern. Sanding will give a random appearance to any regular brushed metal patterns. Many of the usual finishing touches of a metal polishing project are plentiful.

Perfect for use as background texture for games, 3d rendering, posters, flyers, postcards, advertising, software applications, website background or wallpaper.

Brushed metals

The metal is brushed with a microfiber brush on a belt or wheel that moves at the same time all the time and then mixed with a non-greasy compound, a belt or a medium non-woven abrasive pad. This brilliant matt shine leaves on the metal, and the metal has a bit of brightness and increases the hardly noticeable differences to the brush. It is a particular aspect that is regularly selected for decorative objects.


Both coated and ordinary metal have excellent performance when it comes to hiding fingerprints. They have a warmer tone than unfinished metal, which is useful to hide defects. That solves a decent decision for the hardware closet and other areas of high congestion in the style of the house.

However, the brushed finish is slightly defensible for corrosion. The brushed metal patterns can accumulate moisture within the slots and restrict the capacity of the liquid to the points on the surface of the material. For this reason, a natural brushed finish is an intelligent decision for something like a kitchen sink or a hardware cabinet.

Whatever the brushed metal backdrops, the key is consistency. Many people prefer to keep the same finish for each installation in a room instead of mixing and matching. Therefore, if the sink is made of natural metal, select it for installation handles and vanity handles.

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3 reviews for 20 Brushed Metal Background Textures

  1. Tom Medison

    In my gun shop, I was doing repairs, and decided to update the wall decor, and for this I decided to use background textures in my work. And when I got to know the background detailed metal textures in different styles, I realized that this is what I need. These backgrounds served as a basis for placing my specialty, and it all looks like a complex original, beautiful and very durable. These textures are very good fit and for decoration of premises. I for example used them as wallpaper in a summer gazebo, the view is just wonderful. Modern background compositions have a different range of applications, it all depends on our imagination. And their price is not at all expensive.

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  2. Vaness

    Great pack. Brushed metal background textures attract me with light, neutral colors which are so pleasing to the eye. Perfect for website background/wallpaper, posters, and flyers.

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  3. Kiara

    I use such textures for preliminary 3D modeling of interior and exterior objects of the upcoming work on wall or ceiling decoration with special decorative plaster of the highest quality. This matte material gives any interior beauty and style, and this is because such plaster is easy to apply, because it suits almost all types of coating and structures, and also has a remarkably long service life. In such textures, every detail is thought out to create the perfect interior. The color scheme of matte metal textures with such an effect is very diverse, because there are many colors of metals, but I mainly opt for those already proven in my products.

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