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Introducing cosmos backgrounds, a celestial canvas that will transport you to the depths of the universe. Prepare to be mesmerized by a celestial tapestry that captures the ethereal beauty of the cosmos.




6000×3000 Px


10 Pcs




72 Dpi

Download Professional Cosmos Background Textures

The Internet provides many designers and others with cosmos textures and cosmos backgrounds. It is always a pleasure to find sites online that provide the perfect set of ideas for use in graphics and other printed works. It is also important for such a site to provide a wide variety of application for their images. If you have searched the internet and stumbled upon our site, you should look no further, because that is exactly why we are here. We have everything you need right here.

Starry Clouds on Night Sky Galaxy Background. Abstract Cosmos Infinity Texture. 3D Rendering. 3D Illustration.

One of the most important reasons for buying the cosmos textures from our website is to provide you with the immediate material to use for posters in your home or office. You will find that these vast Space images that we have created especially for your posters will provide you with a comforting experience for your home or for your office. We offer these textures at high-resolution so that you are able to print it at any scale, and in particular, large scale. The textures allow you to print your posters in landscape size, or in portrait size without distorting any of its content.

Colored Starry Clouds on Night Sky Galaxy Background. Abstract Cosmos Infinity Texture. 3D Rendering. 3D Illustration.
Colored Starry Clouds on Night Sky Galaxy Background. Abstract Cosmos Infinity Texture. 3D Rendering. 3D Illustration.

Should you need cosmos backgrounds for your website, or for any of your graphics, we have these available as well. The background will create a calming effect for your site visitors, especially if your content addresses that particular theme. Our site is an indication of what the images will appear like on your site. Even if your content does not necessarily correspond with the background, it will still be an attractive feature. The backgrounds are available at high-resolution as well, should you wish to use it as part of your promotional items such as your booklets, and other items. As with all our products, we make our backgrounds available at a lower cost for the lower-resolution images.

The backgrounds are fairly structured and we, therefore, have cosmos backgrounds available that would be more generic and can be used for more general purposes. These, too, could be used as backgrounds, and textures, but would be for more generalised applications. Instead of having only a section of your printed material or website covered, as with the background, for example, you might use the pattern to cover a larger area without having to stitch it together. This will ensure that you have an undistorted and smooth background. These patterns are also offered at high-resolution or lower-resolution as well.

What You Get

10 Cosmos Backgrounds. Fresh and Modern Backgrounds Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 3000 Pixels.

Cosmos Backgrounds Preview Set
Cosmos Backgrounds Preview Set

The cosmos textures and cosmos backgrounds are all available in high-resolution format. The best idea is to purchase the higher resolution items, as it can then be used for lower resolution applications as well. This means that you are able to use it for high-res printing as well as for online items. To find your perfect image or images, you are most welcome to browse through our library to find it. Our images are available for immediate download once you have made your purchase. Make your choice or choices and use it for any of your applications.

To purchase the package, go to the top, select suited license and add to cart.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to cooperate with You. Buying your backgrounds cosmos pattern I got a unique opportunity to decorate the home page of your site, it has become much more interesting to look at. Your space backgrounds create a great soothing and beautiful and vivid effect. By updating the site and adding a colored night starry sky of the Galaxy — the effect was great. And I never regretted my decision and spent finances. Space backgrounds backgrounds look great and can be applied to any theme of the site and they do not affect the overall composition. This inspired me so much that I decided to buy more cosmos textures from your resource. To create space effect posters in my work and home office, I love to look at these posters and think about being — they have a wonderful way of doing it. Space theme is very close to me and so your graphic texture with good resolution — works wonders. Taking advantage of the purchase, I was able not only to introduce a space theme in your channel, but also to create the perfect background for photos and even make some amazing beauty posters.

    • Alexander Nedviga (store manager)

      Thank you very much, Natalia, for purchase. I’m glad that cosmos textures came in handy for creating creative posters, wish you creative victories. And we are constantly creating new backgrounds – invite you to check out the new packages.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The cosmos backgrounds are splendid. The textures allow us to print our posters in landscape size. They look very nice. Thanks for such a large selection of cosmos backgrounds. All the best to you.

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