40 Stone Wall Background Textures

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40 different styled stone wall background compositions. Solid surface of the stone wall is perfect for the background of both serious business presentations and spiritual personal projects, the inscriptions on them always look beneficial.

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40 Stone Wall Background Textures

Fantastic backgrounds for new art works. 40 different styled stone wall background compositions. Solid surface of the stone wall is perfect for the background of both serious business presentations and spiritual personal projects, the inscriptions on them always look beneficial. The stone wall personifies confidence and reliability and will give your projects a solid and complex look. The set includes stone wall backdrops of rocky surfaces, huge cobblestone cladding textures laid out in order, square travertine tiles masonry cladding, sawn and drawn blue granite walls, wall textures of the old shell house and several urban walls with grass and flower bushes. Perfect for use as background textures for urban style posters, flyers, postcards, youth advertising, software applications, website background or colourful summer wallpapers.

Stone wall textures are basically backgrounds that resemble stone walls. There are many varieties of this, from granite, marble, brick, limestone, quartzite, soapstone, travertine and onyx. Others get their inspiration from manmade stone, for example porcelain, and engineered quartz. Stone wall textures are often used in places with somber settings, for example courtrooms, offices like court rooms, accountant offices, churches, especially Catholic Churches, government offices, etc. They are used where the mood is serious, in order not to divert a person’s attention. Basically, they serve as exactly that, a background to a place, to melt into the background and not be too loud, or too noticeable.

Applications Of Stone Wall Textures

Apart from all the somber places mentioned, there is also an unexpected place where stone wall pattern are used. In art galleries. Now, you would expect that places that exhibit art have the brightest patterns and wallpapers there can be, but this is quite the opposite. The main focus is the artwork being exhibited, so the wall/background needs to be as plain as possible, and since stone wall patterns really resemble actual stone walls, they are perfect for this.

Using Stone Wall Textures in Industrial Design

This is not to discourage you, however, from using stone wall backgrounds as your home wallpaper, you could have it in your study or home office, in your bedroom, to give it that rustic feeling, or even in your kitchen. If you really want to bring alive that antique feeling in your home, or any other space really, stone wall backgrounds are a go for you. They are also really good fits for aquarium backgrounds, receptions, fireplaces, and a lot of other spaces. Feel free to check online and see where else you can apply this background, and do not be afraid of experimenting with your creativity!

Effect Of Stone Wall Backgrounds On The Psychology And Mood Of A Person

Since we had earlier mentioned that stone wall backgrounds are literally meant to be exactly that; in the background of one’s mind, they do not really bring out any particular type of strong mood. The colors range from black, grey, a dull maroon, an earthy red, brown, and the like. Sometimes though, colors like black bring a sense of boldness and feeling of power, thus making it very applicable in law firms and the like. The general mood though, that they bring about, is somberness, a serious and settled mood.

What You Get

40 Stone Wall Background Texture Images. Fresh Modern Backgrounds Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 4000 Pixels. Original photos included.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase Stone Wall Textures

The reasons really very according to whatever it is you are going for, a serious office mood, a rustic feeling for your home, the perfect wallpaper for you’re a church, or a calming area for you to relax at in the evening next to the fireplace. There are many websites, Pinterest included, where you could check out the variety of colors that fall in the stone wall texture category. Hey, you could also use a stone wall pattern as the background for your site that sells wallpapers. The possibilities, and uses are endless. Hopefully, this article has given you a bit of insight on what to look for when wallpaper shopping next time.

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4 reviews for 40 Stone Wall Background Textures

  1. Vova Yakovlev

    The background textures of the stone wall look original and modern. Their application depends on the imagination of each person. My son and I organized a photo exhibition of his works at the institute, and the background textures made of stone played an important role in his success, they served as the basis for the photographs. It turned out very nice and creative. At home, I used background textures to decorate the wine storage room. Many neighbors began to take over my experience. Recommend.

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  2. Nelly

    It’s just that the colored background for the site looks very boring and more and more often our website developers try to use textures.
    The site we work with is called textures.world. You can select textures on it, sorting them by color and shape, and immediately you can try on a texture on the background of the page. Recently, our customer wanted an unusual site design, we selected 40 Stone Wall Background Textures for him. This is the best find on this site. The customer was satisfied, the site turned out to be bright, effective, eye-catching. After using these textures, the number of customers at our customer has increased markedly, everyone was satisfied! Thanks for the texture data !!!)

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  3. Alexander Nedviga

    Thank you, Ralf Donald. We will do our best and moving in this direction. Stone textures one of our favorite types of photography.

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  4. Ralf Donald

    Excellent selection, thanks to the author, I want to ask you to concentrate on the textures of different types of stone, in the future it is very necessary.

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