50 Rutilated Quartz Background Textures

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Unleash your creativity with our captivating background textures collection of rutilated quartz. These mesmerizing images embody the ethereal beauty and raw power of this enigmatic gemstone.




6000×4000 Px


50 Pcs




72 Dpi

Download Professional Rutilated Quartz Background Textures Photo Pack

You can choose any interesting angle. Rutilated quartz mineral stones are randomly scattered and evenly laid out, poured all together and divided into half of the image for easy text addition so that the artwork looks more professional. To compose your own picture of stones, a special file has been created, which contains stones in the form of a mosaic on isolated white background in *.psd (Adobe Photoshop) format.

About Rutilated Quartz Mineral

Rutilated quartz is recommended to be worn by people who are engaged in any kind of creativity, which means that they are guided by inspiration, passion and their own imagination. The healing power of rutilated quartz is aimed at returning the human body to youthfulness, full functionality and physical strength. Rutilated quartz is a symbol of longevity. It really prolongs a person’s life, as it has a positive effect on the work of all organs.

Completely reshape the human nervous system, turning him into a calm, balanced and adequate person. The general protects the house from evil spirits, attracts good luck and helps in love. Thus, rutilated quartz “hair-stone” is capable of: sharpening intuition and improving the visionary abilities of the owner, feeling the connection between the past and the future, attracting love and bringing happiness into marriage, enhancing the magic of love, and receiving positive emotions from the Universe.


  • High Quality
  • High Resolution: 6000 x 4000 Px, 83 x 55 Inches, 72 Dpi
  • Files Extension: Jpg
  • Quantity: 50 Pcs
  • Orientation: Horizontal and vertical.
  • 12000 x 4000 Px *.psd Photoshop file with stones on white isolated background

What You Get

Zip Archive with 50 Ready to Use Rutilated Quartz Backgrounds. Fresh & Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 4000 px.

Rutilated Quartz Background Textures Showcase Shelves Samples Preview
Rutilated Quartz Background Textures Showcase Shelves Samples Preview

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File Meta

File Meta Data

Title: 50 Rutilated Quartz Background Textures
Date: 20210715
File Name: 50-Rutilated-Quartz-Background-Textures.zip
Size: 650 Mb
Dimension: 6000 x 4000 px, 83 x 55 inches
Resolution: 72 Dpi
Content Type: Jpeg
Quantity: 50 images

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Vasia Pavlov

    I got acquainted with the background textures of rutile quartz of arbitrary color in different styles quite by accident. An exhibition was held in the city – a competition of color photographs, and there these textures were used as background images. I applied them as a strict style in my study in the office, and also covered the coffee table and doors with them, while using them in different colors. It all looks original, beautiful and they are very long-term in use .. Modern background compositions have a different spectrum of application, it all depends on our imagination. And their price is not at all expensive. I recommend.

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