Using red color in design

Using Red Color Textures & Backgrounds in Design

It's hard to believe, but colors really determine a person's life in many aspects. Cold and hot tones have different wavelengths and therefore are even physically perceived differently. Red has the longest wavelength, and a person needs more energy to perceive it. As a result, the body is actively stimulated, breathing and pulse quicken. It excites and attracts attention.

Psychologists, designers, artists and marketers around the world use knowledge about the intricacies of the impact of color on the psyche and subconscious of a person in their work.

Red Color In Product Design

The red color is always noticeable and tends to induce appetite. This is skillfully manipulated by product manufacturers. The most popular brands in the red halo are Coca-Cola, KFS, Heinz.

Coca Cola Logo
KFC Logo
Heinz Logo

Interestingly, different tones of the same color affect differently. For example, red with a raspberry undertone in a duet with white makes the buyer feel that he has a high-quality elite product in front of him.

Red Color Advertising

Red represents energy, passion, courage and self-confidence. It also gives a sense of danger, extreme and adrenaline rush. It all symbolizes pleasure. In advertising, it is used by companies that are not afraid of excessive attention and that position themselves as leaders in the market.

Red Color Advertising 7
Red Color Advertising 2
Red Color Advertising 3
Red Color Advertising 4

At a minimum, most brands use red during sales to attract attention and increase interest in the product.

Home Interior with Shades of Red

In the interior, red should be used very carefully, either placing color accents (furniture, accessories) against a background of more neutral tones, or observing a certain style where a kind of brightness is appropriate and not annoying. Beautifully, organically and richly red is perceived in the interiors of the Empire style, pop art, avant-garde, art deco, ethnic (Morocco, India, China), fusion. Also, such a bright color requires a lot of space and good lighting.

Home Interior with Shades of Red 4
Home Interior with Shades of Red 2
Home Interior with Shades of Red 3
Home Interior with Shades of Red 1

Color of the nightmovie

Red Paint Paintings

Red in the hands of the artist is multifaceted, it can be friendly and dangerous, cheerful or strict, pouring a tangible spirit of passion. This flashy color conveys a different spectrum of his experiences - love, taste for life, pain. Using a range from pink and coral tones to deep burgundy, painters paint happiness, joy and abundance. But the same color can burn with unkind fire in the eyes and blush, spread like a bloody sunset over the fate of people in battle scenes.

Red Paint Paintings 1
Red Paint Paintings 2
Red Paint Paintings 3
Red Paint Paintings 4
Red Paint Paintings 5

Red Public Places Interior Design

Public institutions also pursue their goals by decorating their interiors in certain colors.

  1. Red shed roofs, signs and billboards grab attention and keep it from afar;
  2. Interiors with red are associated with warmth. Therefore, people in the cold season subconsciously choose establishments where its tones are present.
  3. In restaurants, bars and cafes, the use of red helps increase people's appetite and encourages them to take more alcohol.
  4. In the casino, red is placed in areas where large bets are made. Red tunes and directs to risk subconsciously.
Red Public Places Interior Design 1
Red Public Places Interior Design 2
Red Public Places Interior Design 3
Red Public Places Interior Design 4
Red Public Places Interior Design 5

However, this color is not recommended for use in hospitals and pharmacies, as well as in children's cafes. In order not to exceed anxiety and manifestation of aggression.

Psychological State and Health Influence

Red has a much larger electromagnetic field than other colors. It exerts its influence, even if a person simply stays close to his eyes closed. Red objects stimulate the work of the brain and the body as a whole. It gives even more vitality to cheerful and energetic people.

Red Color is Passionate Active Exciting Bold Energy Youthful Physical Pioneering Leader Confidence Ambition power Means

In any case, red has a strong side in the color palette. Power and useful properties must be used in your art work. How much depends on what result you are going to achieve. Thanks for reading. Share the article if you find it helpful.

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