Image color tone effect on a person’s mood


Image Color Effect on a Person’s Mood

Emotions of a person when he looks at different colors.

The effect of color on the mood and general condition of a person is based on the physiology of the nervous system. Various external factors, perceived by the senses, respond in the brain, activate positive or negative emotions.

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The process of color perception is complex, it gives rise to a rich palette of feelings and images, as well as quite clear associations.

What feelings and emotions in a person can cause the basic color palette of the composition?

  • Red color excites, attracts attention, has a powerful impression, and even quickens the heartbeat.
  • Green soothes, relaxes.
  • Yellow elevates and pleases.
  • Orange invigorates, gives pleasure and uplifting.
  • Blue provides inner peace, and blue provides lightness.
  • Purple is curious.

The results of many scientific studies show that the relationship between emotions and colors is more than logical, both in psychological and physical characteristics, and in general from the birth of a person’s mental organisation. This relationship depends on individual qualities: temperament and character.

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