Using Sand Textures in Industrial Design

Sand - friable sedimentary rock, as well as artificial material, consisting of grains of rocks. Very often consists of an almost pure quartz mineral (the substance is silica). The word "sand" is often used in the plural ("sand"), but the plural form has other meanings. Natural sand is a loose mixture of grains formed as a result of the destruction of solid rocks, 0.16–5 mm in size, the mass of one grain of sand can vary from tenths of a milligram to several micrograms. Depending on the conditions of accumulation, they can be alluvial, deluvial, marine, lake, eolian. Sands resulting from the activity of water bodies and watercourses have a more rounded, rounded shape.

Sand Texture

We conducted a special study and went for this to the shore of the "Black Sea". In the process, we got a good Sand Textures package. With the help of society6 we were able to transfer textures on the surfaces of objects and materials:

Goods with Sand Texture available in:

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Society 6: Sand Texture Collection
Red Bubble: Sand Texture Collection

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