10 Knurling Background Textures

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Knurling background textures create a positive influence on the psychology and mood of a person. The beauty of these textures sooth the psychology and mood of a person for several reasons.

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10 Knurling Background Textures. Seamless Transition.

Another reason knurling background textures create positive influences on how people feel is due to the material elements used. Knurling background textures are usually created by rolling a pattern onto the surface of a material that leaves behind a perfectly symmetrical repeated pattern.

Knurling touch texture. Knurl contact surface background. Metal rhombus pattern surface.

The materials used may be metal, fabric, or some other type of textile. These patterns on materials create a soothing appearance and reassuring feeling. They infer confidence because the pattern is consistent. They intuitively garner strength because the texture enables a strong grip when holding them. The texture is soothing to feel when one’s fingers run across their surface.


Having the most perfect graphical background of a knurling texture invokes the simulation of these feelings within the brain and creates the same emotional response of soothing confidence and strength. The feeling is one of reliable craftsmanship that can be trusted akin to the best of natural design.

Materials themselves create feelings, such as the feeling of wood, water, and green leaves in nature or metal, concrete, and glass in cities.

A third reason that knurling background textures make us feel good to have around us is simply that they are beautiful in consistency, shape, styling, curvature, and dimension. These knurling patterns are consistent because they repeat the pattern that is rolled onto them with consistent shapes that illustrate appealing styling and curvature. The knurling effect is 3-dimensional because of the rolling action impresses depth that is seen in shadows, variation in colors and changes in texture.


Ultimately, the beauty of these patterns cause us to study them with our eyes, while the symmetry soothes us into confidence, and the materials bring us the feeling of various elements. Graphical background using images of these materials naturally bring in those elements while knurling invokes the reassuring effects of confidence, strength and craftsmanship.

Having knurling background textures in our living spaces allows us to receive the benefits of these positive psychological effects. How each texture does its work on our subconscious minds is similar to how clothing feels on our bodies. The presence of knurling background textures create a similar effect on our moods as being clean, well dressed and confident. Their presence provides these effects in our environment, soothing our psychology and moods.

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  1. Anthony

    High-quality and masterful work! I got it for my blog site, I fit into the design just perfect, this is a wonderful work of the author! High quality textures, no soap! I am very satisfied.

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  2. Tony

    What I like the most about such textures is that they are very soothing and pleasing to the eye. Knurling backgrounds are definitely one of my favorite ones, I guess many people feel the same.

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  3. Annabeli

    I want to express my gratitude for the purchased product and for creativity, modernity and style. Here are some great knurling, texture, backgrounds. I will recommend to friends.

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