20 Seigaiha Background Textures. Seamless Pattern.

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20 different styled Seigaiha Patterns represent abstract elegance and beauty. This alluring graphic originates from ancient Japan. The Seigaiha design is made up of concentric circles which have been layered upon each other. This creates beautiful, identical arches.

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20 Seigaiha Background Textures. Seamless Pattern.

Due to its appearance, the Seigaiha motif is known as the wave. It is used to represent water in Japanese design. Seeing as Seigaiha represents such a powerful element, this graphic can have multiple meanings. Here is more on the meaning of Seigaiha, its effect on your mood and why this amazing texture is perfect for your home or office.

Discover the seigaiha background

In ancient China, the Seigaiha motif was utilized to represent the sea. As a matter of fact, the earliest appearance of this symbol was on the clothes worn by a haniwa from the 6th century. The terracotta figure was found in a burial ground and wore clothes containing the seigaiha texture. This affirmed that the Seigaiha motif has been used for more than 1,000 years. The Japanese have implemented this symbol on kimonos, lacquerware and ceramicware. Today, it is used as a texture for wallpaper.

Meaning of the Seigaiha texture

The Seigaiha design has a collection of meanings. It resembles waves of water. As a result, it is often utilized to mean good luck. This graphic is also utilized to mean resilience. This is due to the consistent presence and influence of the oceans around Japan. The Seigaiha design also means power. The Japanese are very much aware of the strength that waves wield in the open oceans. Therefore, they use Seigaiha to represent this power.

The psychological effect of Seigaiha

  • Serenity

    The Seigaiha texture is commonly implemented on wallpaper today. That’s because this design inspires serenity in the room. Having some Seigaiha symbols on the wall calms the mind. The concentric circles help to wash away your worries. This results in a clear, concise mental condition.

  • Power

    Having some Seigaiha texture on the wall helps you to feel powerful. The motif denotes rushing, continuous waves. This can help you to gain confidence and feel just as powerful as these waves. For this reason, the Seigaiha motif is commonly implemented in the offices of influential people in Japan.

  • Stability

    The oceans have always been there and will always continue to do so. Therefore, the seigaiha patten represents stability. The waves indicated in this texture can help you to feel that you’ll be a lasting figure in your industry. This fosters a feeling of stability.

  • Curiosity

    The ancient Japanese had to cross the oceans so as to discover new lands for trade and agriculture. This effort was due to their strong sense of curiosity. Therefore, the Seigaiha design creates a strong sense of curiosity in you. Having it on your walls or clothes can help you become more creative and curious in life.

Yellow Red Blue Traditional Japan Background. Oriental Asia Ornament Texture. National China Backdrop. Seamless Seigaiha Pattern.
Yellow Red Blue Traditional Japan Background. Oriental Asia Ornament Texture. National China Backdrop. Seamless Seigaiha Pattern.

Why you should buy the Seigaiha texture today

There are many reasons why the Seigaiha texture is fantastic for you. They include:

  1. It is versatile

    This beautiful Japanese design can be implemented in many ways. It can be used on clothing, wallpaper, crockery and paintings. The concentric circles look great on any surface. Therefore, it is a versatile design which is applicable anywhere.

  2. It gives you creative freedom

    You can have your Seigaiha motifs printed in various colors. While the traditional color is royal blue, this design can be presented in many other ways. Some fantastic colors for the Seigaiha motif are black, gold, red and white. You can print this design in any color you want so as to complement elements such as your interior décor, fashion style or brand image. Furthermore, you can resize the concentric circles according to
    your preference. This goes to show that the Seigaiha motif is supremely versatile in nature.

  3. It is a classic

    The Seigaiha design has survived and enjoyed cultural acclaim throughout Japan for many years. Therefore, it is a classic symbol which shows that you admire the Japanese culture. It is a great way to display your heritage.

Using Seigaiha pattern in industrial design


What You Get

20 Seigaiha Pattern Background Images. Fresh and Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files: 8000 x 4000 Pixels.

Seigaiha Patterns Preview Set 2
Seigaiha Patterns Preview Set 2


The Seigaiha symbol has been utilised across Japan for many years. It is beautiful and compelling. You can implement it in many areas and generate positive psychological moods. Get the Seigaiha graphic textures today and experience the best of Japanese art first hand!


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  1. Tolai Medveev

    Seigaiha background textures are currently popular not only in Japan but are in high demand in many countries. I used this background texture as wallpaper. It turned out just fine, the drawing looks far in depth, and has a calming effect. It seems that the room has increased in size, it has become lighter, it turned out stylishly and original. Recommend.

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  2. Kent92

    Hello! I want to share about 20 background textures Seigaiha! The most beautiful, high-quality Wallpaper. I bought it and I don’t regret it! Thanks to the developers. I recommend it to everyone!

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