50 South Onyx Background Textures

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South Onyx background textures are presented in all popular angles and arrangements of stones on different surfaces: dark stone, brown wood, light wood, black and white backgrounds. All backgrounds are in horizontal and vertical orientations. You can choose any interesting angle.

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South Onyx Background Textures Showcase Shelves Samples Preview
South Onyx Background Textures Showcase Shelves Samples Preview

South Onyx mineral stones are randomly scattered and evenly laid out, poured all together and divided into half of the image for easy text addition so that the artwork looks more professional. To compose your own picture of stones, a special file has been created, which contains stones in the form of a mosaic on isolated white background in * .psd (Adobe Photoshop) format.

About South Onyx Mineral

Some peoples revered the stone and used it in shrines, while others were afraid to even hold it. Indeed, south onyx is considered a powerful amulet and has the following properties: improves intellectual ability and concentration, makes the owner more confident and attractive, gives inspiration and helps to reveal talents. Jewelry with a stone is considered ideal talismans for businessmen – they bring success in commercial projects, attract the respect of others, contribute to the successful outcome of business negotiations, help in completing all the work begun, develop strong-willed qualities, self-control and self-criticism, communication skills and oratory skills. Back in the Middle Ages, it was believed that South Onyx awakened ambition and business activity in its owners. An important magical property of south onyx is the development of leadership qualities, it is a stone of winners that increases self-esteem, adds self-confidence. Energy of South Onyx eliminates unnecessary illusions and suspiciousness. Adds assertiveness, resistance to stress, determination. Helps you focus on specific tasks.


  • High Quality
  • High Resolution: 6000 x 4000 Px, 83 x 55 Inches, 72 Dpi
  • Files Extension: Jpg
  • Quantity: 50 Pcs
  • Orientation: Horizontal and vertical.
  • 12000 x 4000 Px *.psd Photoshop file with stones on white isolated background

What You Get: Zip Archive with 50 Ready to Use South Onyx Backgrounds. Fresh & Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 4000 px.

Postcard South Onyx Background Textures Modern Poster Preview
Postcard South Onyx Background Textures Modern Poster Preview

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File Meta

Title: 50 South Onyx Background Textures
Date: 20210710
File Name: 50-South-Onyx-Background-Textures.zip
Size: 640 Mb
Dimension: 6000 x 4000 px, 83 x 55 inches
Resolution: 72 Dpi
Content Type: Jpeg
Quantity: 50 images

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  1. Tom Medison

    The background textures of South Onyx are striking in their beauty and originality. Their use is simply limitless, southern onyx is considered a powerful talisman, helping to solve the most difficult problems. Each person has his own taste and you can use them by including your imagination.

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